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This stuff is about to get real

By Dorsey, 03/22/2016 - 19:22
A new shipment of items arrived on Sunday just in time for Round Top.

We'd better sell some of this stuff or we're going to need a bigger house.

This antiques business is about to get real. Final preparations are under way for our next show, the Original Round Top Antiques Fair on March 28-April 2 in quaint little Round Top, Texas.

Our house looks like a self-storage unit decorated by Minnie Pearl. If you don’t get that reference, then you didn’t grow up watching “Hee Haw.” Minnie was famous for wearing a hat with the price tag hanging down by a string.Minnie Pearl

It seems like everything in our house has a price tag on it, including the cat that just ran by.

My wife, Jami, and I are planners. We make lists. We make lists of lists. We misplace the lists and make new lists. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t walk out the door with everything we need for the show EXCEPT the antiques.

Wait, she just put those on the list, so we’re good.

New items arrive for Round Top Antiques Fair

That includes the most recent additions to our collection that arrived this week. It was touch-and-go for a while as to whether the driver was going to get from Florida to Amarillo in time given the flooding in Louisiana. There was even talk about having to meet him in Tyler, which would have added four hours to an already long trip.

But he showed up on Sunday, and it was worth the wait. We got some great new pieces that you’ll be able to see at Round Top. We’d better sell some of it, though, because I don’t know where we’re going to store it if we don’t.

It’s amazing how much work has to be done before we even arrive in Round Top, but I’m hopeful that all the preparation is going to pay off. My mom, Mary Wilmarth, will be there to help, and I know that she and Jami will put together a beautiful booth. I’ll post photos on the web site once they have it just right.

We’ve arranged for the U-Haul; the house/pet sitter is all lined up; and Jami is taking care of last-minute details. This is going to be great!

Round Top in the spring is amazing. The bluebonnets will be in bloom, and it will be scorching hot or freezing cold. You just never know. Round Top is one of the coolest very small towns you’ll ever visit. There’s no way one of the country’s premier antiques shows should be off the beaten path between Austin and Brenham, but for years, it has been a mainstay for those who know anything about antiques.

I don’t know how well we’ll do financially at the show, but the experience we will gain is going to be invaluable.

If you’re even close to the central Texas region next week, it’s worth a side trip to Round Top to check out the town and the Original Round Top Antiques Fair. We’d love to see you there.