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19th Century Noah's Ark


This Noah's ark toy came out of Maine; however, it is more likely of German origin. It is all wood, hand-painted Ark, and carved and painted animals and people. The ark has a painted bird on the roof. The lid is hinged to open for storage of the animals. The hinges were originally tape, but replaced with string a long time ago. There are 14 animals and two people, all in very good condition; all stand on their own. They include: 2 cats, 2 dogs, an elephant, 4 pigs, a horse, a cow, 3 deer. Mr. and Mrs. Noah are painted gold. They stand; there is a sliver off of one and part of an arm missing off the other. There is some paint wear, but this wonderful little toy and animals are in very good antique condition. The ark is 13 1/2" long at the base, 5 1/4" tall, 3 1/2" deep.


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