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1700s Salt Box

SALE! 1700s Salt Box


Thick, chunky, simple walnut New England wall box from the 1700s. It has an arched and pierced back for hanging, and the box has a slant lid that opens and closes easily by wooden dowels. The bottom board has been replaced at some point in order to preserve this beautiful early piece. The sides are simply attached to the front and back and secured by thick, wrought iron nails. The wonderful thing about this box is that the back right corner shows the results of a mouse gnawing on the wood long ago. At some point in the box’s life, someone tried to repair the saltbox by using wood fill, which is not terribly noticeable unless one examines the box closely. This special salt box shows age-appropriate wear and wonderful patina. A favorite! (Dimensions: 10” w by 7” h by 5” d).


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